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We are passionate about saving planet from greenhouse gases, We think planet and drive innovation to bring energy efficiency in operation to reduce emission and preserve planet. We are developing an internet application for monitoring of CO2 Emission by Maritime Transportation and calculating Environmental Shipping Index to rate ships basis environmental performance and support incentive programs run by governments to address climate change due to emission of greenhouse gases. We are passionate about continuously innovate to address the climate change.

Our solution will monitor, analyse and verify the emission of CO2 by ships, and alert operators of the vessel for taking optimal measures to reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere from their ship. By controlling operational measures, about 70% of CO2 emission can be reduced. Our application will help operators to calculate the Environmental shipping Index to rate the ships basis their energy efficiency and emission of greenhouse gases. Index calculated by our application will be made available to port authorities running an incentive program to encourage ship operators to take operational measures above minimum required by IMO.

  • Raghvendra Lavania
    He is a senior maritime professional, over 15 years of experience with global Shipping and Transportation companies. With dual education backgrou... Read More
  • Sanjay Yadav
    Architect & Technical Lead
    Holding Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Pune University India, he brings more than 10 years experience in software product design... Read More
  • Arun Ukamanal
    IT and Data Consultant
    Sandeep Kumar is a senior IT and Data specialist. He was head of IT for a leading shipping company based in Singapore. He is responsible for data ... Read More