Showtime, a unique boutique where every customer becomes the star of their own ultimate sexual fantasy.
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To return lingerie to its rightful place in the theatre of life and encourage those unfamiliar with the pleasures that lingerie can bring to make a place for it in the theatre of their own lives simply for the fun of it.


Life is art. The world is our stage. We are all stars in our own story. What we wear, how we speak, how we present ourselves, everything we do is part of who we are and who we want to be.

And then there’s lingerie...

Lingerie is our private theatre, our fantasy story. It’s fun and frivolous, sexy and saucy, seductive or playful. It means nothing or it means everything. Silk and satin. Leather and lace. It’s the first thing you put on in the day and the last thing you – or someone else - takes off at night.

Nothing is closer to you than your lingerie, and nothing has the potential to provide more fun, more pleasure, more romance and more fulfilment.

Showtime is a unique intimate boutique designed to make buying lingerie not just fun but a joyful adventure of the senses - a part of the grand theatre of life that we all enjoy on a daily basis.
Owned and run by Stefanie Chiu, Showtime is more than just a shop, it is a “Theatre of Fantasies” where you can play out your lingerie roles in comfortable surroundings just for the sheer fun of it.
Showtime is all about the other you, the fantasy you: Angel or devil, goddess or vixen. Showtime allows you to move beyond the confines and restraints of daily life and discover your other self. Showtime is about you. Your fantasy. Your story. Your Lingerie in the Theatre of Life.

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