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    Martin Konrad
    Co-Founder, CEO
    I have more than 15 years of experience working in the digital creative space. In 2006 I co-founded Design Royale, which became a leading digital c... Read More
  • Screen shot 2015 07 24 at 19.24.20
    Joey Frasier
    Co-Founder, COO
    I've spent the last 15 years building global teams capable of rapidly solving complex business problems leveraging the latest technology while ensu... Read More
  • Screen shot 2015 07 24 at 19.24.46
    Maciej Szumocki
    I'm an engineering lead with over 15 years of experience in programming and 10 years experience in software design. I bring first-hand knowledge of... Read More
  • Screen shot 2015 07 24 at 19.25.59
    Aga Saganowska
    I'm a Product Manager with over 12 years experience in the technology field. Worked for a number of tier1 telcos in Australia: iiNet, Alcatel Lucen... Read More
  • Screen shot 2015 07 24 at 19.26.34
    Tomek Rutkowski
    User Experience
    User Experience and Service Designer with strong background in Cognitive Psychology. Over 7 years of experience working at large interactive agenci... Read More