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Are you the type who gets gratification when knowing you got a great deal? We are!

That is why we started the “Hong Kong Savers Club“.

There are great deals across the city, but unfortunately, they are smothered in a sea of bad deals.

Our goal is to collect only the best deals across Hong Kong on a daily basis, to help Hong Kongers save every penny and enjoy what the city has to offer.

How do we differ from other deal sites?
For one, we supply all deals in English! (You’ll be surprised the deals you are missing out non-Cantonese speakers!) Secondly, we only choose the best deals. We won’t be spamming the page with just any flyers. We focus on moving, clearance, warehouse, seasonal deals that are at least 50% off. Hoping to achieve “quality over quanity”.

I found an amazing deal! How do I share it?
We believe in the power of the masses, and we welcome users to submit any great promotional findings that you like to share. Just share it here. We cannot guarantee the deal will be published, we are picky.

We will also regularly post tips and lifehacks on how to reduce your spending to get more for your dollars!

Become a smart shopper and be a part of the Hong Kong Savers Club community!

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