SHFTHero is a staff sharing app connecting businesses with temporary hospitality & event professionals
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We wanted to pick up some shifts according to our availability - work where we want, when we want and for how long we want. There was no simple way to access discrete work shifts. This was the inspiration for the app. Having gone live, we cater to the gig economy focussing on flexible work. We are changing the way the world works!

Businesses are driving the increasing trend of casualisation of the workforce. They do not want excessive permanent staff numbers on payroll when their business activity fluctuates. Moreover, in the new normal of COVID-19, business owners become even more reluctant to build their staff roster. Instead, they are increasingly relying on casuals. The challenge is, how can they access a pool of casuals expediently and cost effectively.

On the other side of the equation, people are increasingly wanting flexibility in their work commitments. There are others who want more work, but unable to find it (underemployment is a major problem around the world!). For this demographic, how do they find more work and/or find committed work opportunities as and when it suits them (working mothers, students, travellers etc)?

Welcome to SHFTHero. Your solution to on-demand work!

NEW FEATURE - Now you can license our code base to launch your own marketplace! Check out

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