ShareRails Hong Kong Ltd.

We are a team of experienced innovators specializing in online-to-offline mall and retail technology solutions.
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We are driven to tap into the power of brick and mortar, using digital channels to realize the full potential of physical retail. While others talk about the conflict between the online and the offline worlds, we look to bring them into a perfect synergy. Our goal is to create a seamless, closed-loop customer experience, where shoppers can enjoy the best of both worlds.

ShareRails is a thriving O2O platform which fundamentally changes how products are sold. At a high level, we bring stores' physical inventories into our online catalogue so that they are fully searchable, purchasable, and accessible for targeted marketing and promotional activities. We help malls and the stores within them connect to their consumers on their preferred channels, bridging the gap between between the physical and digital where it matters most.

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  • Founder / Strategic Leadership and Business Development
    Joseph is the founder of ShareRails, an ex-Googler and proud Harvard alumni. He has worked in numerous commerce technology focused roles and has fo... Read More