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Sensei is an online on-demand tutoring 24/7 platform entering a global tutoring market of over 60 million students.
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The Future of Sensei:
The ability to work on a flexible schedule is highly desirable. With the advancement of the Internet, everyone has far greater flexibility in terms of when and where they can work or study. Since the Internet allows people to connect with each other, regardless of location or time zone, Sensei won’t just stop at connecting people for tutoring purposes.
Even though we are allocating more than 90% of our marketing budget to developing the educational aspect of our platform, which includes recruiting tutors, we are not at all closing our door to any professionals beyond tutors. Those other types of professionals will be able to use Sensei to build their businesses and to connect with potential customers as well.

Failing Calculus in freshman year is one of the top reasons for why students drop out of college in America. With such busy schedules, very often students cannot start studying until late at night when they are unable to get the help they need if they are struggling.
Students have no access to help when they need it at odd hours. Sensei will attract tutors from all across the world, not only taking advantage of time differences but also different academic calendars.
Most on-demand tutoring services have students and tutors that are primarily from the same country. Also, the tutors are very often graduate students. This means that when our target audience of undergraduate students is struggling with assignments and exams, the graduate student tutors are frequently occupied with grading and their own college work.
Sensei is not only more convenient, no matter the hour of the day, it is more affordable as well. In Hong Kong, for example, privileged high school students can pay anywhere from $80 to $250/hr for a tutor. This pushes the price of tutoring out of the range that most families can afford.
Sensei will be a cheaper alternative. This is because there is a shortage of college educated native English-speaking tutors. Students there are willing to pay prime rates for English language tutors for math and many other subjects in order to prepare for English language tests such as the SAT, ACT, and AP.
We fill the gap through connecting Hong Kong students to tutors in English-speaking countries such as the United States, and potentially Australia and New Zealand. Sensei Tutors will be the gateway to the untapped Asian market.

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