Sensable Dynamics

Full body motion tracked workouts
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At Sensable Dynamics™ we are all about action. Fueled by a passion to drive human performance and drawn towards the challenge of sport, our powerful roster of innovators makes us the best team for the job. Skilled all-rounders from Robotics, Game Development, Apparel and Business, we do it all.

KOACHTM Platform

The next level of online coaching

The KOACH™ platform reinvents the online fitness industry. It adds a new intelligent layer to remote workouts: It integrates existing wearables/fitness bands with online coaching by collecting the athlete’s motion data and facilitating to the fitness providers. Our forward-thinking proprietary algorithms generate unique insights on into forms and postures, which allows for the first time to give sportsmen and sportswomen interactive feedback when performing fitness activities remotely. In addition athletes can create their own fitness profile with personalized content according to their individual goals.

KOACHTM Wearables

Master every move!

With focus on remote workouts, we are developing the next generation of fitness wearables – unique in product form factor and algorithms. The KOACH™ wearable generates sophisticated motion data and provides much deeper insight than any existing fitness tracker. Casual athletes as well as professional athletes will enjoy the ultimate remote training experience.

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    Jitesh Chhabria
    CEO & Co-founder
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    Phillip Chan
    Director of Technology & Co-founder
  • Screen shot 2015 12 30 at 10.35.48
    Derek Yip
    Director of Operations & Co-founder