SEEKERS Capital Labs

Solving real-world problems, one app at a time.

At SEEKERS Capital Labs, we are creating software solutions to solve real-world problems. From virtual reality to quantitative finance, we support our global business network in many different industries.

Our team is building the next generation of financial data analytics and research platform with its supporting mission-critical software infrastructure. Are you interested in working with a team of like-minded people? Let’s talk!

At Seekers Capital Group we employ people who are exceptional at what they do. For entrepreneurial individuals, people who want to move fast, develop opportunities and build businesses, Seekers Capital is a perfect fit.

// About us
Seekers Capital Group Limited (together with its affiliates, “Seekers Capital”) is a Pan-Asian asset management organization that specializes in providing our investors with unique investment opportunities and asset management services. Seekers Capital was established in 2007, providing asset management services for investors globally. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of high net worth, professional and institutional investors looking for superior risk adjusted returns. With a strong presence in Asia, Seekers Capital has a solid network of business partners globally to provide a robust investment platform for our investors.

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  • Stephen
    Stephen P.
    iOS Software Engineer
  • Facebook scott buckfelder
    Scott B.
    Android Software Engineer
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    Mark T.
    DevOps & Quality Engineer
  • Aaeaaqaaaaaaaaiaaaaajdhhotk3zdjjlteyn2qtngyzmy1hymi1ltkzyzc2owrmmmy5yw
    Michael L.
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Seekers 25 cr
    Eric W.
    Software Engineer
  • Seekers 13 cr
    Brett L.
    Software Engineer
  • Aaiaawdgaaaaaqaaaaaaaa0eaaaajgvkoge3ntcylthlnzytngzjny1hy2e3ltvkytyymtm4ngzhnq
    Lek T.
    Software Engineer
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    Sowmya I.
    Senior Software Engineer