Open Technologies to Explore and Protect the Ocean
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1. Explore, live beyond the frontline (heroic courage). That is the life of the scout (éclaireur in French).
2. Protect life (compassion). Life around you, yours.
3. Be creative and persistent. Make, Test, Share (creativity, resourcefulness)
4. Be Open. Be transparent, learn, grow.
5. Be honest and sincere (integrity)
6. Be humble (respect)
7. Love or leave. Be true, live your passion.

Protei is an autonomous sailing robot. It is equipped with the world first shape-shifting hull, so it is a boat that does neither have a centreboard or rudder : the entire boat bends to control it’s trajectory, like a fish. Because of it’s shape-shifting hull, Protei is engineered to pull a long and heavy payload, in a fashion similar to a train (modular) while being highly energy efficient. Because of it’s hydrodynamic profile, Protei offers unprecedented manoeuvrability, energy efficiency, pulling capacity at different scales.

Protei is develop as an Open Hardware technology, which means that we share our research, documentation so anyone can use, modify and distribute our technology for free. The only obligation for the licensee is to share back with the community the improvements made. We believe that if a technology is good it should be available for all for free. There wont ever be too many people to care for the ocean.

Because Protei is open Source, it has been developed by a global community of scientists, engineers, inventors, craftsmen, students, teachers, sailors, housewives, kids…

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  • Gabriella and cesar
    Cesar Harada and Gabriella Levine
    Cesar Harada is a French-Japanese environmentalist, inventor and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. CEO of Protei INC (USA C corporation) and Scoutbo... Read More