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This job has expired.

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City Manager - part-time contractor Wanted


Hong Kong

Sales / Business Developer

starting date : 2019-06-03

Sage Corps can not provide a visa.


Are you part of your local startup ecosystem? Do you want to join an outstanding global community of top university students, startups, and business leaders who are passionate about entrepreneurship? Contact us.
Sage Corps is seeking city managers for its summer programs. This part-time position will require approximately 5 hours of work per week over eight weeks with some ramp-up work in advance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Act as local contact and culture/language resource for a cohort of top U.S. university students who will spend eight weeks working for local startups
  • Act as liaison between Sage Corps and local host incubators/accelerators, host startups, and local professional contacts in the startup ecosystem (entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, influencers/connectors, corporations)
  • Curate and develop a calendar of events for Sage Corps Fellows to attend while in-country (can leverage local startup event opportunities) and other relevant networking opportunities
  • 24/7 on-call emergency phone support of on-site fellows (responsibility shared with a local co-manager)
  • Support and handle any on-site crises in coordination with Sage Corps HQ
  • Provide immediate and pertinent communication with Sage Corps HQ in the event of an emergency
  • Assist students in their adjustment to a new culture and help them to maximize their learning opportunities
  • In case of emergency, coordinate with local partners in support of the fellows including student accommodations, universities, and other local partners
  • Communicate with Sage Corps HQ weekly regarding events and program management
  • Potentially identify a colleague or friend to serve as city coordinator to assist in case of emergency or unavailability of city manager
  • Assist with program setup including housing site visits and arranging some orientation events


  • At least two years of post-graduate work experience
  • Strong knowledge of/experience in local startup ecosystem
  • Enjoys working with and mentoring university students
  • Experience leading groups and organizing events
  • Solid local knowledge of the city in which fellows are working
  • Enthusiastic, outgoing
  • Strong public speaking skills and strong command of English language
  • Strong organizational skills


Stipend for 8-week program management is $750 USD if cohort size is less than 15 students, $1000 USD if cohort size is 15 or more students.

You will be working with   Sarah, Community Manager


Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

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Created on: 2019/05/18

This job has expired.

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