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It was a longing to introduce the true Parisian style of fashion to Hong Kong women that Rue Madame was conceived. Housing multiple French designer brands, this boutique is the perfect one-stop shopping arena for trendsetting women looking to create a unique and fashionable look.

Indeed, most of the labels that Rue Madame carries are already major fashion must-haves in Europe and the US and many have been brought into Hong Kong exclusively by the store. Collections are guaranteed to appeal to discerning and stylish women. These top labels allow Rue Madame to offer Hong Kong fashionistas a real Parisian spirit that is exclusive, feminine, stylish and trendy.

Along with their unique selection, Rue Madame’s priority is to provide an excellent service to their clientele, helping them to find the right balance between their own personalities and the latest styles from Paris. In fact, Rue Madame aims to become a trusted fashion adviser on finding the perfect look and enhancing the mix-and-match experience.

For those seeking shopping excitement, Rue Madame is offering the ultimate fashion experience.

• Rue Madame Fashion Group is a fast-growing retail group that brings the latest affordable luxury/ contemporary brands to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and online
• We have a strong track record in affordable luxury business and we are growing! We have double our business size this year and will double again next year (in 2017)
• We are looking for creative, energetic, open minded and result-oriented people to join our team

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