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Sprout is an integrated business & people management tool that enable teams to put people at the core of their business.
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At Roots Technologies, we are building Sprout, the next generation of business and people management tools for growing teams in Asia Pacific.

Roots was founded by an ex-Uber Asia executive and a China product & engineering leader with a combined 35 years of global startup experience launching companies to scale and managed hundreds of people.

We're looking for Design and Engineering people to join our fledgling team. You will start from the ground up to build and launch the very rocket ship you will ride. You’ll have a unique opportunity to join a startup and learn the best development practices of Silicon Valley and China against the backdrop of Hong Kong. We will lead by example with a world class culture that promotes diversity and inclusion and enable our own people to reach their maximum potential.

Join us in our mission.

Small businesses and startups face a myriad of challenges just to manage their most important asset: people. With fragmented and disconnected solutions in the marketplace today, teams need a comprehensive PeopleTech solution that can enable them to centrally manage their stakeholders and related data, creating a single source of truth for People Operations, Shareholder Management and Recruitment & Applicant Tracking. Just as we handle our finances centrally, we need a better way to manage our people which will enable companies to focus on growing their business.

We have been selected to join the June 2019 cohort of the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program and looking to add talented people to our founding team.

  • Andy Lee
    Andy was based in China for nearly 20 years and advised and led international expansion for companies including San Francisco-based Mapbox, where h... Read More
  • Tony Sun
    Tony has over 10 years managed product and engineering in China. Tony was VP of Production at Yodo1 (China’s largest publisher of foreign mobile g... Read More
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