Roots is a robo-advisory property & mortgage platform that analyse your social behaviours, needs and affordability.
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Property market has always been one of the most influential economic and social topics in Hong Kong.

As you are reading this, there’s 1 homebuyer out there who lost their chance to purchase their home because of forfeit of deposit (撻訂).

Just in the first half of 2019, there are 200+ cases with 260m HKD deposit forfeited, that’s on average 1 homebuyer who loses 1.5m HKD everyday.

This crushes a lot of people’s years of effort saving up to pursuit their dream, because of the problems with the current purchasing process in Hong Kong, and Roots is established to resolve this major social issue.

Roots is established as a robo-advisory all-in-one property & mortgage platform that analyse your social behaviours, needs and affordability, making home purchase as simple as booking your next trip to Japan online.

By analysing the social profiles of the homebuyers, this give us a deeper understanding to their tolerance level in order to ensure down payment and mortgage offers are secured before completion, lowering the barrier and increasing the chance of success.

Roots envisions to renovate, revamp and rebuild the real estate market, contributing to the smarter economy in Hong Kong with a truly smart online real estate platform.

We are Roots, and we are rooting for your future.

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