Rooftop Republic

A social enterprise that promotes urban farming and sustainable living in Hong Kong
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Rooftop Republic’s team has been pioneering the urban farming movement over the last five years. Our vision is to revolutionise the food system and transform the relationship people have with their food.

We are a truly multi-disciplinary team and we collaborate with architects, engineers, organic farmers, chefs and nutritionists to develop and deliver urban farming solutions.

​Rooftop Republic Urban Farming is awarded the following recognition at the Social Enterprise Awards 2017 Hong Kong:
- Most Outstanding Social Enterprise (Meritorious)
- Most Innovative Social Enterprise

​Rooftop Republic is also honoured to be an awardee of the DBS Social Enterprise Grant 2018.

Our innovative approach and end-to-end services - from design, installation to maintenance and community engagement - aims to incorporate urban farms into city-dwellers’ lifestyles and make it commonplace.

At Rooftop Republic, we are enthusiastic about the potential for urban farming to transform both urban spaces and mindsets in Hong Kong and to contribute to making our city more sustainable and liveable.

  • Pol Fàbrega
  • Michelle Hong
  • Andrew Tsui
  • Kendy Lee