RISKflo Asia Limited

Designing a state-of-art collaboration platform to transform financial institutions, corporates, and governments.

We started off seeking to solve a deep quantitative problem in operational risk management but we quickly realized that the underlying problem was much bigger, more to do with social science and human behaviour for which there is a rich body of science, community and expertise to draw upon. As a result our approach has much boarder business applications and commercial potential. This thinking is reflected in the development of RISKflo Discovery™ - our collaboration platform.

RISKflo’s cloud-based collaboration platform automates information collection, multi-stakeholder review, challenge and approval processes. It simplifies and digitises communication and decision-making processes that are fragmented by organisational silos, hierarchies and geographies. RISKflo's platform is in full-scale production for listed companies and global banks.

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    Martin Kelly
    Co-Founder & CEO
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    Felix Cheung