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Riskcovry is an omni-channel "Insurance-in-a-Box"​ for consumer businesses (like Financial Institutions/FinTechs and Retail/eCommerce) to enable any insurance product from any insurer across any customer engagement channel, seamlessly. As an enterprise product company with a B2B2C model, we enable our customers with SaaS & API-first platform, which enables all end-consumer touchpoints of Insurance (buy, manage, claims) holistically without distorting brand experience.

“Insurance-in-a-box” model offers a one-stop-shop platform to cater to any business's digital insurance needs.Being insurer/product/channel/device/compliance-license agnostic allows any business to use Riskcovry’s API and SaaS technology to enable insurance distribution business without the traditional overhead of building teams/tech/license/processes etc.One platform to centralise all your needs around insurance product, tech, and compliance.

  • Sorabh Bhandari
    Co-founder & Director
  • Vidya Sridharan
    Co-Founder & CTO