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We founded Ripple Effect on our three core passions – passion for all things digital, passion for making the world more efficient, and passion for finding solutions. We believe that in our ever-evolving world where digitalization brings us new opportunities every day, a business cannot stand still. We are curious about how new technologies impact companies in positive ways, and we want to share our knowledge and expertise to deliver value and growth. This is why we have based our consultancy on five core services: Digital Solutions, Business Solutions, Market Intelligence, Change Management and Business Enabler. We bring 47 years of combined experience from doing business in Asia-Pacific across a wide range of industries. We have accumulated an extensive business network and in-depth knowledge, and know how to get things done. We are client-focused, customer-driven and solutions-oriented.

Ripple Effect Consultancy is a Hong Kong-based digital and business solutions company providing a range of services to advance companies’ growth and manage change in this fast-moving, complex and connected world.

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  • Gushi sethi
    Gushi Sethi
    Co-founder and Partner
    Co-founder and Partner of Ripple Effect Consultancy. A Hong Kong based company offering a range o...
  • Jens wernborg
    Jens Wernborg
    Co-founder and Partner
    Over 18 years of experience doing business with companies in Hong Kong, China and India across a ...