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Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

We believe that the best way to kickstart and grow a business is to work alongside like-minded individuals that believes in the power of connectivity.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem of connectivity and encouragement to bolster the power of startups in the competitive business environment.

We are one of the earlier adopters of the term co-working space.

Our philosophy is simply. We want to CONNECT. CREATE. CHANGE the way entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses can succeed by making them more connected with each other and allow them to focus on what they do best.

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  • Bonnie Yip
    Entrepreneur and enthusiast of anything startup
    My goal as an entrepreneur is to facilitate Hong Kong in building a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for startups to converge their ideas into rea... Read More