REINNO - Real Estate Innovation

REINNO is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization, lending and investment.
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REINNO is disrupting financial services and commercial real estate. We are the first company to accept tokenized real estate as loan collateral. Our goal is to offer the full spectrum of lending and investment products on the real estate market and provide a seamless transition for the consumer to blockchain-powered services.

We are liquefying the infamously illiquid industry using modern technologies, which work well in unison. With us you can trade partial ownership in USA commercial real estate much more quickly, cheaper, and avoiding countless intermediaries from anywhere in the world. Best of all - you never have to leave the comfort of your own home.

REINNO is providing three services, which are complementary to each other – real estate tokenization, loans against property-backed tokens, and a platform for listing and investing in tokenized real estate. We are covering the technical, corporate, legal and marketing aspects of these services in order to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for our users.

  • Viktor Viktorov
    Serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience across domains such as online and offline retail, and others.
  • Natalia Shirshova
    A motivated individual who values diversity wants to make a change in today`s world and has a wide rage of interests, from videography and marketin... Read More