Red Elephant Creative Ltd.

REC focuses on Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, (Urban) Furniture Design, Artist Rep, Event Org, Marketing...
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Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Red Elephant believes in multi-disciplinary approach for successful start-ups where skills and manpower are most of the time limited.

Multi-disciplinary branding, marketing and design!

Red Elephant Creative (REC) provides creative solutions for various fields from Branding, Corporate Identity, Product Design, Graphic Design and Business / Marketing Ideas for brands and organizations.

REC creates unique solutions with the help of multi - disciplinary background and experience.

Please contact for your projects which require simple or complicated set of products to empower your Corporate Identity, Brand image and marketing.

REC provides Retail Space, Point of Sale, Display Space design solutions including booth, stand design and more.

REC represents contemporary fine art artists in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

. Graphic Design
. Branding and Corporate Identity
. Urban / Street Furniture / POS Design
. Exhibition Design
. Artist Representation / Art Dealing
. Event Organisation

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