RectiCurve provides a new online advertising method.
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RectiCurve's patent-applied online advertising method will provide a variety of advertisers with a new way to advertise their products or services with more direct advertising effectiveness and more direct costing.

Nowadays online advertising is already popular and is carried out in the 3 major methods: 1) displaying ads on the webpage or app page as a banner or signage, 2) listing up the advertised links first in the search result, or 3) displaying ads among posts in SNS. The problem with those methods is the ads are released without the viewers’ voluntary request or participation, which consequently make the viewers have much less interest in those ads.

Given this situation, the currently generally adopted charge scheme of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille) also is discouraging many potential advertisers (especially small enterprises) from actively purchasing online advertising service, concerned of higher cost against insufficient performance in successfully reaching their target audiences.

RectiCurve’s online advertising method was invented to bring a solution to problems by 1) encouraging target audiences to participate in the advertisement campaign more voluntarily with more direct interest in the advertised products or services, and 2) incurring reasonable advertising cost to advertisers.

  • Tony Lee
    Founder & CEO