CTO/ Tech Lead Wanted


Hong Kong

Software engineer

starting date : 2017-04-03

Recipio might be able to provide a visa.


We are currently looking for a Software Engineer, to work with our core founding team in the dynamic working environment. We are looking for high-caliber, innovative candidates, and most importantly, passionate towards bringing change with new ideas.

Job description:

  1. In charge of backend development, including upgrading the Recipio software, together with server and cloud
  2. Manage the overall product development with our product manager, including web-app, web portal, app, software
  3. Work along with the cofounding team in launching new product features according to new business needs

Skills requirements:

  1. 2+ years experience of developing with .NET (C#)
  2. Knowledge in server infrastructure development
  3. Experience with data storage on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  4. Experience with front-end development, current web-app is built using AngularJS
  5. Native App development experience is preferred
  6. Having point-of-sales system related experience will be a plus


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  HK$ 40k-60k

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsability

Impact on Society


Flexible location

Created on: 2017/02/15

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