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Recipio is an receipt management platform, that connects after sales elements together by receipts.
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In the age of digitalisation, we have e-commerce, e-wallet, e-payment, e-etc., but we are still getting paper receipts. We thought keeping paper receipts is a huge pain, and there should be a much better way of doing so. This is why we founded Recipio.

Our mission is to, first, offer a better way for both consumers and retailers to handle paper receipts, provide a way to connect all after sales element via paper receipts, and increase after sales automation via receipts. Then, when more elements are connected via receipts, we provide a digital receipt solution to digitalise all receipts, so that the after sales process can be even more automated. In the end, paper receipts can be replaced, and consumers and retailers can be connected much more closely.

We are dealing with receipts almost every day in our lives. As consumers, we keep receipts for various reasons. Warranty, expense management, loyalty programmes are some of the most common reasons we keep them. It is troublesome, while necessary sometimes, to keep the paper receipts with us all the time. As for retailers, as a proof of purchase, a lot of their operation including goods return, loyalty, membership etc. requires manual processing of receipts, which is wasting their time and resources when doing so. This is why we come up with Recipio, a receipt management platform.

Our product comes with 2-tier. The first one is the consumer facing receipt scanning app. Our app can scan, read, and verify paper receipts as non-repeated and authentic. Thus there is no need to keep a paper copy anymore. Just scan the receipt with our app, we can handle the warranty, expense management, loyalty programmes, and all other after sales elements. For retailers, our automated process allows them to save a significant amount of resources to handle receipts. This can save their cost, and reduce processing time significantly, which in the end can improve customer experience as well.

Our second product is a B2B software, which allows retailers to distribute digital receipts, no matter what POS they are using right now. With digital receipts, the above mentioned after sales element can be provided much more easily. Everything will become much more convenient and efficient.

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