Hyper scalable professional bot framework
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Creating a, beyond the hype, framework to develop professional bots.

Hyper scalable professional bot framework
Typically building bots requires a developer to spin up their own Node server, wire up the corresponding SDKs, manually integrate NLP, fiddle with API access tokens, and then host it all somewhere, and that's just for one service, imagine you have your bot on multiple platforms. Recime (/ˈresəˌmē/) is a cloud based bot infrastructure back-end and hosting platform for developers (BoTaaS). Recime handles all the plumbing a bot developer runs into and provides with its JavaScript framework all the required infrastructure necessary to build a rich bot with built-in natural language processing. It will save you hours of development hours. At Recime you can build bots with different functions, for instance a bot where you send it query text and based on that it gives you suggestions.

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