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Rebis: future technologies for the living in present
Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Growing company and users!

Why is there no progress in environmental technology in the world? Because it's expensive. Rebis technologies enable unique results in transforming different materials into more expensive and valuable forms at minimal cost.
We are a great startup because..:
1. We have an excellent qualified team.
2. Our company is registered in Singapore.
3. Our technology is unique.
4. Made goods have steady demand.
5. Manufacture is flexible, can quickly be adjusted on release of more attractive goods.
6. Production is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the atmosphere.
7. The software is developed by programmers with academic degrees.
8. We're not keeping up with the times, we're ahead of it.

The Rebis project is a set of measures for introducing into production a patented innovative technology under the common «Rebis» brand. It is based on the process of "plasma gasification in the stream." Posted by: Dr.Sci.Tech. Anatoly Neklesa. This technology allows you to achieve unique results in the process of converting various materials into their more expensive and valuable forms at minimal cost: the cost of production is 10-100 times lower than that of competitors using traditional technologies.
Our technologies are environmentally friendly and highly profitable!

  • Rodion Volkotrubenko (Turoff)
    CEO and Chairman of The Board /Co-founder
    - since 1994. – private entrepreneur - since 1999 – senior expert of the chamber of Commerce and industry of Rostov region - since 2018. – CEO and ... Read More
  • Eugene Lee
    CMO&CPO, Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Partnership Officer/Co-founder
    - since 2011 Great Eastern, Financial Planner - since 2018 Stargram Global, Business Development Director - Since 2019 one of project heads Rebis.