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The Rebis project uses the patented plasma technology "gasification in the stream". (Author: doctor of technical Sciences Neklesa A. T.) under the influence of ultrahigh temperatures in a plasma reactor, the substance embedded in the reactor bunker turns into a synthesis gas. Then there is a process of "deposition" of the synthesis gas, during which the task of separating the necessary component from the source substance in the desired form is achieved. For example, rare and rare earth metals, precious metals, including gold, amorphous silicon powder, and so on are present in a particularly pure form.

Gold production in the world over the past year amounted to about 2.8 thousand Tons.

At the current rate of production, the earth's interior will dry up in 20-25 years.

REBIS produces precious metals independently, thanks to the use of innovative technology "gasification in the stream", which ensures their extraction from the nanostructure of graphite minerals "black shale". Numerous experiments prove guaranteed production of 61 g Au per ton of "black shale" minerals. The total content of platinoids (platinum, palladium, osmium, rhenium, silver) in the "black shale" minerals is identical to the economic effect of extracting gold from their composition.

Guaranteed production volume: 26 tons of Au per year!


The technology is developed for cold-pressure ore concentrate without the use of coke.

Recovery and melting of metals is carried out using regenerative plasma jets in a closed dense volume in a regenerative medium in the complete absence of slag.

In the production of the resulting iron melt, it is saturated with carbon to a given concentration when the melt is purged by plasma jets with a given carbon content, condensed from a gas distillate in the plasma.

Since the entire process of steel smelting leads to the fact that in a closed volume, the yield of suitable material is almost 100%, and the loss of the finished metal is practically reduced to zero.