Raze Technology Limited

Proprietary nano technology that kills viruses, bacteria, biological and chemical pollutants & toxins, bad odors
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Raze is a Hong Kong-based biotech company that has developed a fundamentally new approach to cleaning air. Raze uses photocatalyst nanotechnology to effectively capture light energy and release electrons to break down and completely eliminate pollutants on a molecular level.

Developed over a decade by research scientists, Raze's photocatalyst is an innovative technology that captures the energy light and release out a significant amount of electrons (negative ions) that destroys bacteria, virus, and other pollutants. By using our nanotechnology, Raze is able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filters (0.1 nanometers versus 300 nanometers).

Raze is developed into a cleaning spray that allows consumers to effectively eliminate pollutant from their house - forever (as long as there is light!)

We have a presence in Hong Kong and Shanghai - you will get the chance to get exposure to the booming Chinese market.

viruses, bacteria, biological and chemical pollutants & toxins, bad odors

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