Rare Elements Limited

Empowering informed Organization Assessment through Data Intelligence.

Rare Elements will become the most advanced and comprehensive fintech research analytics solution by processing large volumes of online text articles to create corporate scoring structure that can be easily accessed via a customizable dashboard. Ultimately it will Become the most trusted research analytics engine by identifying correlation between corporate scores and corporate valuation, and subsequently providing actionable recommendations.

With more than 2 million articles, 4 million blog posts and 500 million tweets daily, human reading speed simply cannot keep up with the information being generated. Professional services i will need to leverage technology in process and make sense of all the information available in real time. The solution will reduce research and reading time, improving corporate assessment accuracy and reducing human biases in the previous two steps.

  • Delon Yau
    Head of Technology
    Delon is currently with Microsoft as a Global lead Architect and Engineer, responsible for envisioning and building cloud solutions on artificial i... Read More
  • Ronald Kwok
    Head of Operations
    Ron was working in Microsoft partner team for years, co-developing business development plans and assisting with global go-to-market strategies for... Read More