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Internet of things is one of the hottest markets recently. According to the research done by famous companies like Cisco, General Electric, forecast the market worth 10 – 15 trillion.
A lot of companies would like to turn their traditional products into smart products. For example, a luxury handbag brand wants to make a smart handbag to catch up with the IOT market. However, after they start the project, they realized that they lack the expertise and knowledge.
This is the pain point that R-Guardian wants to help these brands to overcome. R-Guardian wants to create the internet of things of personal belongings. We provide one stop solution to help these brands to transform their product to a smart one.R-Guardian will tailor make the best solution for the existing product of brand-name companies.
R-Guardian would love to add all these smart functions to our clients so to help business clients create differentiation from their competitors and boost their sales. And at the same time, we can use their brand name to capture the huge IOT market and becomes the pioneer of IOT of personal belongings. Sounds good? Join us and let's start our smart product journey.

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