Help traditional fashion brands to create smart products
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R stands for "our", that means this company is not serving everyone in the community; Guardian is an angel around us. R-Guardian’s goal is to use the science and technologies to improve human life and society; Meanwhile, to help different partners to improve their business.

Now, R-Guardian Limited co-operates with different companies to face the trend of IoT (internet of thing). We can make the traditional brand products of our clients to become smarter and more useful. Also, differentiate and stand out clients' products in this competitive market. Meanwhile, we help partner companies to create effective marketing and sales channels, CRM system and data analysis solutions.

R-Guardian is a B2B startup to help fashion brands to create smart personal belongings.

Over 44% of fashion brands executive see the next big thing is the combination of technology and their products. However, not even 4% of them have achieved it.

R-Guardian sees the paint point of these fashion brands. We offer them one stop solution from software to hardware to cloud solution.

We bring different function to different products to solve the daily problem of customers. For backpack, we have sport tracking and phone charging. For luggage, we have GPS tracking and inbuilt digital scale. For umbrella, we have weather reminding and sharing umbrella function.

Also, we benefits the fashion brands by giving them precise after-sales data analysis including product life cycle, usage duration, users’ geographical distribution etc.

Ultimately, R-Guardian wants to build a IOT platform for this products. Within 14 months, We have achieved 1.1 million sales including 2 listed company customers. Also, we closed our angle round for 3 Million RMB in Sept 2016

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