Free and paid perks platform for SMEs and Hotel for staff engagement
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Who doesn’t like free gifts and discounted purchase as part of the staff perks? I am currently looking for a co-founder to kick start a staff engagement platform targeting hotels and SMEs in Hong Kong. Quokka - symbols for happiness – is looking to build a $200m business in 2 years, focusing on building a platform with features such as “Happy rating” indictor for bosses to manage their employees, and functions such as “Happy booster” – discharging perks to employees if morale is too low. When achieving certain ratings, the company as a whole could unlock more perks which could be shared among employees. The idea is to help bosses to create a happy working environment for staff.

Employees’ perks are often perceived as “nice to have”. This is not the case anymore if the business is going to grow and expand. As the first step, we would target on service-oriented industries such as hotel chain, retails and SMEs.

Having worked in the top-tier Investment banking, private equity and venture capital over the years both in London/Hong Kong, I last worked in Octopus Labs to launch fintech products before relocating back to Hong Kong months ago. I witnessed the difference in working culture in 2 regions – openness in the West and hierarchy in the East. I would like to enhance happiness into the workplace where employees spent most of their life in.

I am more a finance person with CFA, CPA, MBA from London Business School. I know this mean little in pursuing startup so I have started picking up basic front/back end programming skills since last year (Python, Django, Bootstrap). I’m no expert but could make simple prototype demo.

I will dedicate fully in this venture and I would love to talk to those who are interested to become co-founder, ideally with programming skills and tech background.

The platform would be a freemium web app and there will be a mix of free perks and paid-packages available for bosses to choose from. We will instil the culture of recognition and encourage peers and management to give out badges for great performance on tasks, which in turns unlock the individual and department perks when certain level is reached. We will target on 3 key areas for perks including “Wellness, Lifestyles and Dining” to start with.

You’ll enjoy
- Happiness to source and give out perks
- Satisfaction to build a company from scratch and live a purposeful life
- Getting out of your comfort zone and burn your brain cells
- Ambiguity and will have to get-up and go to make the market

What this is for those who
- Opt to jump out of their comfort zone and roll up sleeves to build something from scratch
- Have perseverance and never give-up attitude
- Are not shy and courage to fumble in the dark
- Devote his/her full time and efforts and make it work

What this is not for those who
- Look for quick profit and stable paycheck
- Sit back and enjoy peaceful life
- Give up easily

- None. Equity stakes shared between co-founders to be expected

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  • Herbert
    Herbert Siu
    Having worked in the top-tier Investment banking, private equity and venture capital over the years both in London/Hong Kong, I last worked in Octo... Read More