Quantitiv helps contractors find on-budget, expert construction consultants all over the world.
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Quantitiv was founded by Robert Barratt, an entrepreneur with a big appetite for innovation. Robert has almost 20 years of experience as a Quantity Surveyor across the petrochemical, utility and construction industries. Robert is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Having gained a BSc in Quantity Surveying and an MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, he’s experienced life on mega projects in the UK, Australia and Asia. This has included stints on both sides of the fence - working on behalf of developers and contractors as an employee and, latterly, as a consultant.

After co-founding, running and selling his first successful business, Robert is now on a mission to build a network of skilled commercial professionals available to everyone; driving down life-cycle costs and promoting high professional standards around the world.

We're on a mission to make accessing the best construction expertise easy and affordable. Sign up to Quantitiv and access our global network of experienced professionals like Quantity Surveyors, Planners, and Claims Consultants.

Why? Because traditionally, access to the best talent in the industry was much easier for employers in attractive locations or for those with deeper pockets.

Our solution was to create Quantitiv - a marketplace connecting contractors to consultants around the world who can quickly and cost-effectively add value while delivering great solutions.

We know that by outsourcing elements of work or working with consultants instead of hiring, operators and contractors can save thousands of dollars per project. Few employers are aware of the true cost of hiring and, in many cases, it's only possible to pick from a limited talent pool - unless you have massive funds. Add to that the time and multi-departmental effort that hiring requires, it often makes no business sense for project-led business models.

The great thing about Quantitiv is that it's personal. Every client is managed by a person – not an algorithm – with knowledge of the industry, so we understand what’s needed. This is different from other marketplaces where clients need to trawl through a database of freelancers or consultants and then spend time reaching out to them. Quantitiv takes care of that on the client’s behalf, so they can get on with running the project. Add to that our phone consultation and document review service and we're making it easier than ever for contractors to get expert help from one place.

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    Rob Barratt
    A Chartered Surveyor and serial entrepreneur, on a mission to make the best construction experts available to every project.