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We are bringing about wealthcare, a service aimed at helping everyone make the most of their savings to achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to enable financial institutions transform themselves into providers of this service on a large scale.

Quantifeed builds customer-centric digital wealth management solutions which are deployed in some of the largest financial institutions across Asia and beyond. Developed by a team with experience drawn from leading investment banks, its QEngine platform has been named Best Robo Advisor Solution by the prestigious Asian Private Banker magazine for three consecutive years (2017/2018/2019) and Outstanding B2B Robo-advice Platform 2019 by renowned financial media ET Net. Highly customizable, the flexible modular platform can be integrated with clients’ existing systems, and deployed on a cloud or enterprise basis.
Quantifeed's comprehensive applications address the desire of both customers and advisors for a simpler, more personal and engaging wealth management experience. The platform supports diversified asset portfolios, either third-party sourced or constructed by Quantifeed’s own experienced Quant team. The scalability of Quantifeed’s innovative platform enables businesses to offer personalized wealth management services cost-effectively to a wider spread of customer segments. The QEngine Suite offers a choice of gateways configured for different users: end customers, who can enjoy a range of investment experiences to match varying needs, such as risk appetite, life goals or thematic investment interests; advisors; portfolio managers; and administrators.
Quantifeed is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Singapore and Australia and presence in Japan. Its ongoing expansion enjoys financial backing from Cathay Financial Holdings in Taiwan and global asset manager Legg Mason. Quantifeed has been named Fintech of the Year 2019 by ET Net and Fintech of the Year (Hong Kong) 2020 by the Asset. To learn more about how Quantifeed’s philosophy of wealthcare and how the company is giving individuals the opportunity to improve their lives through better financial management, visit www.quantifeed.com. 

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    Alex Ypsilanti
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
    Alex Ypsilanti spearheads Quantifeed’s mission to solve the challenges of digital wealth management. Before co-founding Quantifeed, he spent fifte... Read More
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    Ross Milward
    Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
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