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Qualife Hong Kong Limited (Qualife) is an intelligence technology company established in September 2017 to provide a platform to drive medication innovation. By launching a new generation of smart pillbox to the market, we hope to assist in medication adherence and facilitate medical effectiveness and reduce consumers’ medical expenditure by maintaining a systematic way of dosage for users. On top of creating a stress-free life for users and caregivers, in the long run, through recording and analysing users’ data, we target to speed up user’s recovery time, reduce medical costs and prevent failure in treatment, together with value-added services such as preliminary diagnoses and medical suggestions.

By creating a patient database, we can collaborate with stakeholders of the healthcare industry to cultivate improvement and innovation in medical services and products.

Our vision is to improve the overall well-being and quality of human life.

Qualife focuses on two potential customer groups - chronic patients and supplement users. We will first launch our product locally and leverage our existing network of the elderly market to launch the product in 6 months.

The functions and features of Smart Pillbox include:
• Intelligent Reminder
• Over Dose and Wrong Dose Alert

The functions and features of mobile app include:
• Health record
• Family/caregiver/doctor remote monitor
• Peer group sharing
• Medical knowledge Wiki
• Performance Rating

The functions of user data include:
• Preliminary consultation
• Predictive analytics
• Pill effectiveness