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Qraftie.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell handcrafted goods. Our creation was inspired by the passion of the talented and hardworking owners of arts and crafts businesses, and our mission is to help them succeed. We believe each individual has his/her unique talent and we are dedicated to empower individuals to achieve their full potential. As Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Our vision is to connect artisans and crafters with people keen to discover unique, high quality handcrafted lifestyle products and gifts and spread creativity among the community.

Many local artisans and crafters find it extremely difficult to pursue their passion for craftsmanship and promote their creative work to the market. Recent studies show that consumers are moving away from mass-produced goods towards goods that are more unique and personalised. Qraftie.com closes this gap, making buying and selling handcrafted goods easy and empowering individuals to continue their passion in craftsmanship as part of a supportive and engaging community. Qraftie provides a new channel to support artisans and crafters to market their products, reduce their marketing costs and open up new opportunities. Qraftie offers consumers easy access to a diverse selection of handcrafted goods in one place, making their treasure hunting experience enjoyable and time efficient. Be sure to treat your loved ones to unique, handcrafted gifts and support local businesses around Hong Kong.

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    Vanessa Wong
    “In a world full of mass-produced goods, Qraftie brings together the local handcrafter community and supports the continuity of craftsmanship aroun... Read More