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How many times have you wondered why Hong Kong doesn’t have room for alternative places, like any other global city?

Hong Kong is an amazing capital like Paris, London or New York, but, here’s the downside, many of us miss something essential for every urban community: the spaces where talent is not traded but shared for the benefit and enjoyment of a community.

Puerta del Sol (PDS) is born with one purpose: to provide space to what’s not conventional and to share the talent of this town. We want to hear your voice.

PDS is a flexible and diverse hub where all creative and talented expressions are welcome. At PDS our doors, our minds, are open to you. PDS is a business with a social component, and that is reflected in how we prioritise talent revenue

Beside, PDS offers a wide variety of work spaces, from open desks to private rooms or photographic studio.

Raise your voice, get to know us and our platform and spread the word, there is a rising sun in Chai Wan. Join a growing community that expects more from this city.

Puerta del Sol Hong Kong is a Creative Hub for Entrepreneurs / Freelancers & Startups.

Our venue offers plenty of possibilities for everyone to succeed in their projects.

Our Hub is also the ideal place for one to share its passion, talents & knowledge.
From exhibition to live events, workshops to office desks, we open our doors to those who've decided to jump out of the nest and start somehing !

Be part of our community !

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  • Hdp photography.com 2250
    Gonzalo Portellano Alvarez
    Architect, MBA
  • Hdp photography.com 2259
    Ignacio Martin Prieto
    Computer Scientist, Master degree in Business Management
  • Hdp photography.com 2264
    Harold de Puymorin
    Photographer - Image Maker