Proxor - Authentic Examinationsᵀᴹ provides assessment ratings of software development skills, initially in Java and C
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Created and designed by renowned Computer Science Professors at CMU, Proxor is the industry leader in the rating and certification of software developers. Authentic Examinationsᵀᴹ is the only method that accurately measures the examinees' ability to program realistic problems in a professional environment. Examinees are put in the role of professional software developers, and required to complete real software development tasks in a live programming environment.

The examination is efficient, automated, scalable, secure and effective in assessing the skill level of the examinee. Proxor Exam tests and rates the individuals’ skills rather than just knowledge. Employers of in-house developers, educational institutions, IT societies, and government organizations can effectively assess and then efficiently develop training plans to improve the skills of software developers. Although what people know is important, what counts in the workplace is what they can do.

Since software drives innovation and productivity across virtually every industry, accurately assessing software skills, target training programs to further develop capabilities and matching job requirements to skill levels will provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

In 2014 Linkedin/PWC estimated USD130Billion of lost productivity due to inability to match the right talent with the right opportunity. Since people create software, the better the people, the better the products, resulting in improved performance, greater customer satisfaction and higher profits.

By year end 2016, Proxor has signed client agreements with institutions and distributors in over 20 cities/countries. Proxor was acquired by XUP Ltd in Nov 2016 which has enabled it to further expand its global presence and enhance capabilities such as customizing predictive analytics solutions for clients.

  • Henry Hon
    Founder & CEO
  • Dr. Philip Miller
    Founder & Chief Innovator