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We met in Shanghai over a decade ago and became each others' first friends in China.

As foreigners with no local contacts or language skills at the time, we quickly realized how much we didn't know, plus what an exceptional opportunity lay ahead of us to grow. The learning curves were steep and it was a humbling experience for sure, but it kept us on our toes.

Over the years, as we worked with international companies doing business in China and played host to visiting Western friends, we saw first-hand how important it was for them to learn about China and get access to reliable expertise in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Prodygia is the solution we're building for you. The name Prodygia comes from 'prodigious', which means big in size, vast, even extraordinary, as a reflection of China itself; and 'prodigy', which describes a talented person who guides us to see the outside world in new ways.

We, too, aspire to help you see China with a new lens.

Online courses & insights on business, entrepreneurship, tech and culture in CHINA

China's opening up is one of the biggest stories of the early 21st Century and cannot be ignored. Already among the largest economies in the world, China's GDP is expected to more than double between 2013 and 2025 according to McKinsey estimates.

Yet the Chinese market remains a black box for the West.

While demand for insights on China will continue to grow, practical content about the 'real China' isn't sufficiently making its way back to professionals or students in the West - at least not in a reliable, systematic, scalable way.

So we started this platform to bring to the world some of the best insights from China practitioners and give them a chance to deliver their expertise to a global audience.

We offer online courses and insights on business, entrepreneurship, technology and culture in China.

Prodygia enables you to 'log into China': instant access to expertise on China, from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Our aim is to accelerate your learning curves and fill knowledge gaps to save you time and money in the process of discovering China.

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    Nicolas Ruble
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