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strives to pair original designs and unique art content for commercials, hotels, residences and luxury brand developmen
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Combining PRINTS and DESIGN in hospitality, residential, exhibitions and brands collaboration worldwide.

The production company and gallery were founded in 2014. Production Q focuses on creative development and image creation, providing art and design for interior and luxury projects. our creative director leads the artistic vision for each project, overseeing a team of designers and artists in the studio to ensure that all artwork being produced meets the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

I believe that art and design should be reachable and accessible to all audiences and that the home is the most intimate, personal space and usually the perfect starting point. I would ideally like to start sowing the seeds of art appreciation and to have a collection of creations, whether that’s artwork or objects that serve as a daily source of inspiration.

Eastern European art and Asian art design for the new market