Preter Audio Pty Ltd

WOW your audience, create 3D surround sound from stereo speakers online now.

What's next for audio(sound) technology? We already have high quality audio, immersive sound, 3D headphones. But are they all easy to access? No, not immersive audio, 3D sound. Why not ? is that because thats what it is that we need to go through all the limitations to access it or is it always has been like that so people used to it? Can it be simple? These are the questions stocked in my head for long time.

From history, we learned mp3 changed how we listen to music because it changed the way everyone access to music. At Preter Audio we believe that if we can change the way people access to 3D immersive sound we will change how everyone listen to music/film/audiobook/board-casting forever.

Our goal is to make 3D immersive audio the easy access for everyone that they can simply playback from their existing stereo two speakers devices without need for any extra software or hardwares.

We believe this should be the future of the audio standard for everyone.

I am a big fan of sound(audio) technology. I would buy the best available surround sound system and go through all the trouble to measure and setup all surround speakers at home and my studio. But I am always worried one day a speaker will be knock off the stand and broke.

If you like me always try to watch favourite shows online in surround and spend hours to google how to play the surround 3D sound from internet browsers and disappointed to learn that surround sound playback online will never worked even buying extra softwares to "fake it", because youtube and most streaming services doesn't even support the formate. It is "impossible to be done".

3D surround sound always has limitations to playback. This stop us to having immersive experiences easily. At Preter Audio we believe we have solved this problem. Preter Audio provide online 3D surround sound design tool to content creators. To allow them to create 3D surround sound from stereo speakers. In fact Preter Audio creates 3D surround sound ready contents that can be easily distribute to all channels and be playback on all daily stereo devices.

This changes the way how we access to 3D surround sound and make the immersive experience the standard for new content creation.

  • Kuanchen Chen
    Founder / Head of Operation