PressLogic Limited

Continually Evolving.

PressLogic, a technology start-up company based in Hong Kong, was established in 2016 and started from MediaLens, its pioneer self-developed data-driven analytics system combined with machine learning capabilities for optimising ROI performances in various social media, that uses data to build highly effective media networks in the digital world.

Within a couple of years, PressLogic has grown and expanded into a diversified group of businesses that include MediaLens (technology & data), BeautyBee (user-generated content (UGC) mobile app female community), and Digital Media & Content Marketing, boasting operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia.

On social media publishing business, the unprecedented fast-growing record of PressLogic, accumulating over 8.5 million facebook & Instagram followers and over 700 million monthly content impressions on its social media accounts & websites, has attracted the market’s attention. In 2018, PressLogic has successfully raised its Series A+ funding of USD 10 million from Meitu (SEHK:1357), China’s leading image processing and social sharing platform.


MediaLens is our pioneer self-developed data-driven analytics system combined with machine learning capabilities for optimising ROI performances in various social media.

It sources popular feeds, news, comments and hot topics from the internet 24/7. By analysing popular topics in each interest community, the system has the ability to suggest specific content that are likely to go viral for the specific interest community.

It reinforces itself recursively from the content published, as well as facilitates the creative process to optimize results.

In other words, MediaLens uses data to build highly effective media network in the digital world.


BeautyBee is our first user-generated content (UGC) mobile app and website under branding.

Users from Hong Kong plus 6 other places in Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia and the United States can post content and make comments within the female community. The platform empowers female from all over the world to record every day of their life and everyone can share their feelings and comments in the same community.

BeautyBee covers a wide range of content, together with a variety of trendy information to ensure that everyone can easily stay close to the times, and pleasantly meet like-minded people on the platform.

Supported by MediaLens which focuses on big data, AI and machine learning technologies, BeautyBee is committed to creating a better experience for its users, using the most realistic images and texts to provide tips & inspirations about lifestyle, makeup & beauty, fashion & style, health & fitness and food & travel from the user's point of view, as well as to make everyone’s life easier and happier.

For more information, please click on or download our App ‘BeautyBee’ for free.


Not only is the testing ground of our unique technology, but also one part of our business. Backed by our teams of in-house editorial and creative experts, not only we craft native articles and videos, but also keep delivering high-quality content that connects and inspires people, as well as create impactful branded contents with partners.

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    CEO & Founder
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    CTO & Founder
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