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Press Start Hong Kong is a first-of-its-kind games and experiences venture in Hong Kong. Our goals are threefold:

1) To design first-in-class games-centric experiences;
2) To build a games community in Hong Kong;
3) To educate and inspire through games.

At Press Start Hong Kong, we design first-in-class and first-of-its-kind games-centric experiences to build and curate a growing community of game lovers in Hong Kong, and to educate and inspire through games.

The Board Game Social is our standard format that puts games at the heart of a social experience. We host, introduce, teach and facilitate a fun evening using our collection of 150+ board games either at our Central venue or at your location.

Our Games Days are mixed format games tournaments with several rounds of board, party and interactive games, complete with custom-built scoring mechanisms and prizing, that mesh multiple formats into one awesome hybrid experience.

Our Office Olympics is a fun and silly competition that get participants up on their feet competing in teams for points and prizes through relay-style quickfire games that are our creative concoctions and imaginative twists on everyday, household objects.

Our Games+ workshops are crossover experiences that bring in a world beyond games through our unique partnerships. Informative talks on interesting topics plus playthroughs of thematically related games, "State of the Industry" updates, and seminars on game history, trivia and design - as far as our imagination lets us!

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