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To combine a safe and easy-to-use mobile phone charging service to users, with a beneficial tool for service providers to gain better communication with their customers.

Power Non Stop Limited (PNS) is a Hong Kong based company, founded in 2013

PNS designs and manufactures PowGo: interactive, self-service mobile phone charging stations which use integrated technology to provide users of all phone brands a safe, convenient charging solution

PowGo stations allow service providers to offer a new and improved mobile phone charging service to their customers, whilst benefiting from increased client interaction and adding a new revenue stream

Each PowGo station is customized to the service providers needs and space; design, installation, maintenance, advertising, creative solutions, and marketing needs are all handled by the PNS team

With a full range of additional customer service options PNS offers a tailor made service agreement to reflect the needs of each location

A design patent has been issued for PowGo machines in both Hong Kong and Mainland China


For the service provider:

-Enhanced customer experience
-Additional revenue channel
-Drive footfall through repeat business
-Increased customer communication and interaction
-Bespoke design and branding
-Ongoing technical support and service

For the user:

-Convenient, lockable, secure charging compartments
-Each station is equipped with different charging wires and choice of charging time
-Easy payment method
-Instant incentives and rewards: coupons, prizes, games and offers
-Easy to locate and keep updated through the PNS website and social platforms

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  • Liat Hoffmann
    Managing Director & Owner