A gamified simulation training platform for retail bankers.
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Building bankers of the future. As banks move towards the digital transformation, there is a pressing need to upskill and retain the financial talent to prepare for the shift towards digitalization. PortfolioQuest is committed to creating engaging advanced simulations for financial talents (fintalent) who are forward-looking and eager to participate in the future of banking. Our simulations allow fintalents to test out different strategies and discover their potential.

Traditional training workshops only offer a one-way knowledge transfer, which is ineffective and boring. PortfolioQuest is configurable by job role and organizational structure. The advanced simulations are designed with parameters derived from machine learning outputs that produce real-time typologies. Through the continuous testing of different strategies in different economic conditions, participants are able to refresh and update their skills appropriately. Moreover, our AI digital coach provides real-time user feedback for immediate learning and identification of strengths as well as weaknesses. Identify and nurture the right financial talent (fintalent) with our deep learning talent diagnostics.

  • Michellekatics
    Michelle Katics
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Previous CEO and co-founder of BankersLab. Risk manager, mathematician and economist by training.
  • Kurtgingher
    Kurt Gingher
    CTO and Co-Founder
    Engineer turned bank executive, with 30 years of experience in software development and the financial sector.
  • Albertomorente
    Alberto Morente
    Business Development
  • Hugo
    Hugolin Pinard
    Business Development
  • Barrybeechinor
    Barry Beechinor
    Product Development
  • Oonkuanko
    Oon Kuan Ko
    Product Manager
  • Ting
    Ting Yi Chan