Spending is convenient. Why shouldn't saving?
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The millennial team at Planto believes that financial services should be a partner designed to enable experiences and goals you care about. Whether it is a simple way to check your balances across your accounts or finding a saving path towards a trip to Japan or a dream to save up for a house, Planto shows how you can get there

Saving isn't convenient and we don't quite get why. It should really be as easy as spending.

Enter Planto, a saving app. We don’t merely bring all your accounts in one place but actively help you set your financial goal, and make sure you’re on track to save towards that goal. Users state their goal first, and then we import bank data to help users meet that goal. We make AI based, personalized recommendations to make sure you’re on track.

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  • Ankit Suri, Yousaf Masud, Taha Sabih
    Ex HKU and HKUST Computer Science, ex HSBC Retail Bank HK, Taiwan and Australia. Ex MoneyHero/CompareAsiaGroup