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Imagine walking into a furniture shop and seeing a stunning set of table and chairs that really resonate with your style.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how they fit at your home before you pull the trigger?

Our augmented reality solution enables consumers to visualise products in a different environment, thereby enabling them to make enhanced purchasing decisions.

For furniture vendors, we enable them to extend the shopping experience beyond their physical stores and increase conversion rate.

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  • Jason 4.12.53 pm
    Jason Wong
    Former China-focused TMT investment banker who found his passion and a higher calling in the startup world
  • Eric 4.12.56 pm
    Eric Cheng
    Head of Design
    Former consumer product designer who found his sanctuary in rendering 3D visuals. Also an adjunct professor focusing on media design
  • Horry 4.12.53 pm
    Horry Chan
    Head of Technology
    Technical specialist with extensive experience in game engine and cross platform application development. Also an adjunct professor focusing on mob... Read More
  • Leung
    Bismarch Ng
    Interactive Developer
  • Harry
    Harry Chu
    Web Developer