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Our passion lies in taking on the time-zapping sourcing element of the recruitment process to deliver you a highly relevant slate of candidates to choose from, so that you can focus on the parts of the role you love, like interviewing candidates, building relationships and generating profits.

Candidate Sourcing Service.

We are NOT artificial intelligence and automation driven, our team of experienced researchers and recruiters get to know more about you, your role and the culture of your firm.
Our team sources, scans, screens and filters databases and social media platforms to build your candidate pipelines, helping you win top talent as and when you need it.

We not only reach out to your selected candidates directly but we're regularly in contact with them to develop strong relationships, learning more about their skills, background and career goals. This means that without any legwork on your part, you're guaranteed to offer suitable candidates a positive experience from the onset, increasing the likelihood of offers being accepted.

By sending a reverse cover letter to selected candidates, we differentiate ourselves from traditional recruitment agents (who have a broad number of candidates apply to you). Instead, we apply to specially selected candidates on your behalf. This allows us to remodel the candidate experience and enhance your employer brand and reputation with prospective employees.

We present you with profiles that have been curated using human judgment, taking the full picture into consideration.

Having been working in the recruitment sphere in the UK since 1998, Pipeline Founder, Pathay, has been listening to clients and their frustrations when attempting to find candidates that are a great fit. In-house recruiters and HR professionals have grown exhausted, spending hundreds of hours on candidate sourcing; wasting money on attracting poorly matched candidates.

One of the biggest timewasters is having to deal with the many CV responses from their jobs advertised online, which can often be on many different job boards.

As a result, Pipeline was launched to address these frustrations by offering a candidate pipeline service, with candidate engagement at the heart of everything we do.

We are candidate sourcing experts and deliver you pertinent candidate Pipelines within 48 hours.

  • Pathay Singh
  • Akin Smith
    Client Success Manager
  • Varshini Nanthakumar
    Technology Intern
  • Ilia Prokhorov
    Research Manager