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Financial Literacy today is a critical life skill and positive spending and saving habits should start at an early age.We are not traditional classroom oriented, and focus on being interactive, practical and hands-on.

Our Money Magic and Entrepreneurship work-shops talk about savings, needs vs wants, budgeting, interest-rates , entrepreneurship and much more through interactive games, puzzles, events. We are multidisciplinary and we aim to make FEM ( Finance Eco Maths) practical and fun for kids.

Pin-world is a virtual universe where kids EARN and learn to SAVE, SPEND and SHARE. We teach "practical theory" or FEM (Finance Eco Maths) subjects through interactive games, videos, puzzles. We have great courses/talks/events around entrepreneurship, money-orientation skills.

We have a lot of fun events like "Young Entrepreneur Contests", "Market Day" and forums like "Internship Board" to promote "practical learning" of FEM subjects.

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  • Young entrepreuner contest
  • Our team has a great background in money and banking, combined with their passion for working with kids. We encourage mums who quit their conventio... Read More