Philia Earth Ltd.

Aim to seek innovative, sustainable, efficient, high quality and affordable solutions to existing world problems.
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We dare to innovate and imagine new ideas that can add values to the quality of life. Preserving the earth's resources through actively taking part in sustainable development and educating the public to make smart choices is our mission. We are committed to consistently, and diligently working together to transform our world into a Sustainable Planet Earth.

Inequality and child-brides problems in developing countries.
Non-durable and non-energy efficient accommodation. We provide urban planning, architectural, and interior design solutions.

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  • 3b9c8d7
    Dr. Ailin Iwan
    Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Director
    B.A.(Arch), double minors in Business and City Planning at University of California, Berkeley, US; M.A in Global Citizenship Education at San Franc... Read More
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    Kenneth K Y Poon
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    B.A.(Arch) at University of California, Berkeley, US; M.Arch. at Washington University in St Louis, US; Chartered Member of Royal Institute of Brit... Read More
  • Gerhard Rinkens
    Regional Executive Director - Europe
    Dipl. Ing. Arch. at University at Karlsruhe, Germany; M.Arch. at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, U.S.; Full Member of American Institu... Read More
  • Morgan Kwong
    Regional Executive Director - North America
    B.A.(Arch) at University of California, Berkeley, US; Full Member of American Institutes of Architects; Registered Architect in California, U.S.; L... Read More